About SkyCounter

Our mission is to develop technologies which allow our users apply number-driven analysis to their digital marketing.

The world is moving to "segment of one" marketing concept - when companies will have data about each and every client and will offer products and services designed for this each client individualy. Digitalisation is making this dream possible, businesses start to get more and more information about their clients.

We develop technologies to collect and analyse the data about digital users: app users, web visitors and email readers. Our technologies help our users to easily understand their visitors, so they can make good decisions to become more successful online and offline.

Our service started in 2002 with a web coutner designed to count and analyse user activity on the website. We developed with and sometimes ahead of the industry, improved our core products and offered new. Now we offer a full stack of digital marketing analytics technologies focused on data collection: app analytics, email tracking and web coutners.