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App analytics

Your mobile apps’ installed base grows … and that’s the only number you know about your apps – the number of users. If you started your digital marketing career managing websites you know the luxury of data you can get from web analytics systems. You are asking yourself a question: can I get the same for my iOS or Android apps?

We at SkyCounter can say you definite “yes”. Our app analytics technology is designed to track, measure, monitor and analyze your apps’ users.

The implementation of technology is based on a set of steps: That’s it. This may sound a bit complex vs. the easiness with which you can install a web counter. Trust us: we put a lot of efforts to simplify installation of our tracking technology to your apps. Apps offer much more dimensions for functionality vs. web sites so app user tracking code installations require a little bit of efforts to catch every important step or action.

Based on this technology we will provide you on our website: Every user is unique. Do you want to see what individual users are doing? Such “microscope analysis” could be very helpful if you want to understand particular use cases for your apps vs. aggregated analytics of user paths. If you define events for all core activities in your apps we will allow you seeing every step for every user. How much time had the user spent on the main app page? What was his path to a product page? How much time did he/she spend thinking before putting a product to a basket? How many iterations and time for each did it require to fill order fields? Was the user impressed with your app so much that he/she continued browsing the product catalog after submitting an order? You can answer all these questions individually for each and every app user.

If you want to start analyzing you apps’ movement you are welcome to sign up for our app analytics / app user tracking service.