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Email Tracking

We offer pixel-based email tracking solutions.

You spend a lot of efforts building email database of your clients and prospective clients. Then you invest in valuable content on your website. Then your email marketer designs a professional catching email and sends it. And then … you don’t know what happens next. You even don’t know whether the email address is used or forever forgotten by a user.

Our technologies allow you to track open email (read email) events and estimate percentage of users who read your email. So you can track percentage of events when recipient reviewed your email.

Email tracking techniques have a lot of limitations vs. for example web visitor tracking or app analytics due to privacy concerns. We know these limitations and apply statistical tools which allows to estimate real percentage of readers based on a counter events limited by privacy settings in modern email clients.

You can also track read email events for individual clients using their email or internal ID in your CRM. So you can get a list of clients for whom you will be 100% sure that he/she reads you emails. You can spend more time designing special offers for these specific clients vs. sending untargeted emails to all people in your list.

If you want go out of the dark and start getting statistics for your investments in email marketing you are welcome to sign up for our email tracking service.